PBH prides itself in collaborating with health professionals, along with food, nutrition and lifestyle experts, who share in our mission to invite Americans to Have a Plant®, by eating more fruits and vegetables every single day for happy, healthy and active lives. We hope these resources help you expand your knowledge of topics of interest, while giving you the necessary tools to help transform how people enjoy fruits and vegetables in meals and snacks. We’re also pleased to be able to offer continuing education credits for your participation in these various activities, to aid in your professional development and career growth. Become an advocate and join the PBH Have a Plant® Movement:


National Fruits & Veggies Month Toolkit

September is National Fruits & Veggies Month, a month-long celebration of everyone’s favorite and flavorful plants–fruits and veggies! We provide the consumer campaign with corresponding resources, including tips, tricks, facts and hashtags as well as research and additional expertise. You take it from there! Considering these resources in our National Fruits & Veggies Month Toolkit to help you plan your activities for the month. Download images, sample social media posts and more to help incorporate this fruit and veggie celebration into your September editorial plans!

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The role of fruits and vegetables in various health-related outcomes is the subject of ongoing scientific research. PBH is pleased to be able to offer proprietary research on several health and nutrition-focused topics, including generational consumption habits, the psychology of consumption, the impact of policy on behavior and much more.

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Expand your subject matter knowledge by tuning into our pre-recorded webinars, on topics ranging from active aging to the benefits of fruits and vegetables on emotional behavior.

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We are thrilled to offer a robust collection of resources, including best practices for social content, a comprehensive fruits and veggies resource guide, nutrition information and more.

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In addition to PBH’s annual Consumer Connection conference, which convenes the fruit and vegetable industry with thought leaders and consumer influencers, PBH also offers opportunities to participate in trade shows, retail dietitian summits, food service expos and more. Check out what’s coming up!

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Have A Plant® Ambassadors

PBH recognizes the value of influencers who inspire people wherever they make fruit and vegetable decisions: at the point-of-sale (retail); the point-of-flavor (culinary & foodservice) and the point-of-inspiration (nutrition & lifestyle digital & social media communications). These plant-passionate advocates reach hundreds of thousands of millennial and Gen Z consumers each day. #haveaplant

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Want to join our Have a Plant® Movement for greater good? Click here to see how you can be an advocate.

At PBH, it is our goal to provide value to experts and health professionals who believe in our mission, to simply help Americans eat more fruits and vegetables each and every day. We hope to be your go-to resource for all things fruit- and veggie-related and invite you to join us in helping millions of Americans lead happier and healthier lives by inviting them to Have a Plant®.