Why should I buy frozen fruits and vegetables?


Frozen fruits and vegetables can offer many advantages:


Frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value as when they were picked at peak freshness. In fact, studies show frozen fruits and vegetables are as rich in nutrients as their fresh-stored counterparts. Those nutrients locked in place until they’re on your plate.


Today’s frozen food aisle offers a more diverse selection of ingredients, side dishes and entrees than ever before. From smoothie bowls to grain bowls and everything in between, the frozen food aisle accentuates culinary trends and, in some cases, starts the culinary adventure. There are a variety of ways for you to get your servings of fruits and vegetables.


A key benefit of frozen produce is you can portion the amount you want and leave the rest for later. Frozen produce is also pre-cleaned and pre-chopped, allowing for more quality time around the table. Better yet, clear cooking or preparation instructions on the package tell you exactly how to cook or prepare your frozen produce. Having your favorite ingredients just a freezer door away also gives you the freedom to get creative with your meals.

Reduce Food Waste

Have your produce and eat it too! Did you know that frozen food generates 47% less food waste when compared to ambient and chilled food consumed in the home? By only preparing what you plan to consume, not only do you eat more of your produce, you ensure it lasts.

To learn more, visit www.frozenadvantage.org.

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