What Is A Happy Berry™ Hydroponic Strawberry?


Happy Berry™ strawberries are hydroponically grown which means they draw up their food through water instead of soil. Their nutrient-rich diet helps them ripen perfectly while safely pampered under a covered tunnel. They’re also grown on elevated tabletops which makes tending to the berries much easier than traditional methods.

These big, beautiful full-flavor strawberries are sustainably sweet — making the world a little happier every day.

More details on this exceptional berry…

  • More berries are grown per acre of land as they are grown close together
  • 20% less plastic is used in production compared to field-grown strawberries
  • As a year-round, above-ground berry, they do not require chemical inputs between seasons
  • They absorb about half as much water as traditionally-grown strawberries do, and recycle it too
  • Grown on tabletops that are four-feet high, folks who tend to them don’t have to bend all the way down to the ground, along with being well-suited for automation (as featured in the LA Times)
  • Because they are drip-fed directly at their roots, they are juicy, full of flavor, and always sweet
  • Proudly packed in the Ocean Spray brand, a label you know and trust

Go here to learn more: Ocean Spray® Happy Berry™ (oppy.com)

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