What are some unique ways to use apples in holiday dishes?


Envy Apples are perfect fit for entertaining because they are a family-friendly, crowd-pleasing addition to your holiday table. They have balanced sweetness, delicious crunch and naturally remain white longer, making any holiday dish a standout. Here are a few unique ways to serve up Envy Apples this season:

Envy Apples No Bake “Donuts” – no holiday brunch is complete without these no bake ‘donuts.’ Simply core each Envy Apple, slice in half, and add your favorite toppings.

Envy Apple Wreath Salad – dress up the classic salad by turning it into a wreath and topping with pomegranate arils and Envy Apples for a delightful crunch.

Envy Apple & Custard Sponge Trifle – wow your guests with this uniquely decadent Envy Apples dessert – sure to a be a showstopper!

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