Can Eating Fruits, Veggies, and Nuts Help Back Pain?


You heard correctly!  Eating fruits, veggies, and nuts are good for your health for various reasons.  Here is a brief summary why they do a body good – 1) they are a great source of fiber which works to fill you up and manage body weight, 2) they contain phytonutrients – these special compounds work to protect or repair cells from damage, help lower cholesterol, keep vision healthy and more, and 3) they are packed with vitamins and minerals – all playing a unique role in the body for everyday function and health! The benefits go on and on. For more information, read this great article on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables and check out our Nut Nutrition Database.

There is no evidence that consumption of fruits, veggies, or nuts will cure back pain, however, the nutrients naturally found in plant-based foods have the potential to reduce inflammation that can cause back pain.  What Foods Help With Inflammation?

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