How do I ripen a cantaloupe after it has been cut?


While there isn’t a way to “ripen” a cantaloupe after it has been cut, you should know that cantaloupe farmers around the world have been working with plant breeders on new varieties that have a longer shelf life. These new cantaloupe varieties are picked at peak ripeness and offer the great cantaloupe flavor and eating experience we love!

Most cantaloupes available in grocery stores these days do not ripen once they’re harvested. In an effort to reduce food waste, cantaloupe growers are producing varieties that don’t spoil as quickly as older cantaloupe varieties once did. This is because today’s cantaloupes don’t produce a natural element known as “ethylene” which is commonly found in fruits that do ripen after they’re picked like bananas, peaches, pears or avocados.

The good news is that these new cantaloupe varieties will last up to three weeks in the refrigerator or up to one week on the counter. Just remember to always refrigerate cantaloupe after cutting it.

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