Is it better to peel an avocado or scoop with a spoon?


Nick and peel for a nutrient punch.

Did you know that in a California Avocado the greatest concentration of beneficial nutrients is in the dark green area of the fruit just below the skin?

It’s true. In 2009 UCLA held a phytonutrients study on the California Hass Avocado and one of the biggest findings was just that. They found that the greatest concentration of beneficial carotenoids is in the dark green fruit of the avocado closest to the peel.  When you peel the skin off a delicious, creamy heart-healthy California Avocado, you get a complex package of phytonutrients. California Avocados have been identified as contributing eleven beneficial carotenoids to one’s diet, including lutein, zeaxanthin, and alpha- and beta-carotene. Carotenoids appear to protect humans against certain cancers, heart disease and age-related macular degeneration. Scooping avocado from its skin can leave some of that precious dark green area of the fruit behind, so we say nick and peel, don’t scoop! Let us show you how:

  1. Place avocado on a cutting board, insert the knife at the tip of the avocado until it touches the seed – Rotate the avocado, slicing it in half around the seed. Flip the avocado one-quarter turn and repeat.
  2. Separate your avocado into four pieces and remove the seed
  3. Nick the corner of each quarter piece and peel the skin off

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Now the beneficial nutrients closest to the skin stay on each avocado quarter.

Check out our video on how to cut an avocado safely.

California is the largest producer of avocados grown in the U.S. There are nearly 3,000 family farms in California from San Diego to Monterey.  Locally and responsibly grown by California farmers who nurture the avocados and the land every step of the way.  To be sure you are buying California Avocados, look for the California label, the symbol of premium quality!

Now that you know more about the California Avocado growers, how they are grown and where the greatest concentration of those beneficial nutrients are, here is a highlight of some of the goodness in California Avocados (data per 50g/one-third serving size):

  • A good source of five essential nutrients – fiber, folate, vitamin K, pantothenic acid (B5), and copper
  • Antioxidants vitamin C and E (4%/6% DV)
  • “Good” fats (5g monounsaturated and 1g polyunsaturated fats)
  • And California Avocados are naturally sodium-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free and trans-fat free
  • Bountiful nutrition that pairs perfectly with fresh, satisfying taste and texture

Sliced, diced or eaten as part a sandwich, salad, toast topper, guacamole, baked in cookies or your favorite dessert, California Avocados pack a nutrient punch so remember to nick, peel and enjoy!

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