How do you ripen a green Bartlett pear?


Bartlett pears are picked at their peak maturity, but they don’t fully ripen on the tree.  In order to get that sweet, juiciness Bartlett pears are famous for, they need to be held at room temperature for a few days.

A Fresh Crop from California:

California is a major supplier of Bartlett pears. Each year in July, California harvests the first pears of the season. During the months of July and August, a fresh crop of Bartlett pears from California will arrive at your store.

Bartlett pears are known for their ability to be stored for many months in refrigeration. When you see them on your store shelves, they can often be slightly hard and green. Actually, this allows for versatility when you ripen them at home and can reduce food waste.

Here’s How:

Bartlett pears ripen much like a banana going from green to yellow when they are fully ripe. A green Bartlett pear will get soft and juicy if left to sit on the counter for a day or two.

Unlike a banana – a ripe, yellow pear can be placed in the refrigerator where it will last for several more days.

If you prefer, you can also place green pears in the refrigerator when you bring them home from the store. Just plan to take those you want to eat out of the refrigerator to ripen for a few days.

Once you understand how to ripen a Bartlett pear, it’s easy to always have them on hand and to keep them at your favorite ripeness level.

Because Bartletts can be stored for such a long time, you’ll find them available in stores from July through the winter months. This means there’s plenty of time to enjoy them in your favorite recipes.

Check out this short reel explaining more on the ripening process.

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