How do I select and store cherries?


Picking out fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and knowing how to store those items when you get home isn’t a given. While there isn’t an exact science to selecting cherries, there are a few tips and tricks that can help the decision-making process go smoother. Once you get home, knowing how to store cherries correctly is also beneficial because it helps maintain quality and flavor and extends their shelf life so you can enjoy those cherries just a little bit longer!

Use the following tips to make the most of your next cherry purchase.

Color Matters
Cherry color fluctuates depending on the varietal, but make sure to always select cherries that are dark for their variety. The glossiest, darkest reds with dark saturation and the greenest stems typically ensure the freshest quality, so pick a bunch that is vibrant in color.

The Bigger, The Better
Plump, firm cherries are tastier because they are packed full of sugar! Also, choose cherries that are firm to the touch. Smaller, softer cherries with less than green stems are indicative of improper storage, or aging fruit.

Keep Cherries Cool
Once you’ve chosen the perfect cherries and you get them home, make sure to store the bag in the refrigerator. Storing cherries in a cool environment preserves their taste and is the best way to keep your cherries fresh and ready to eat. Be sure to store them away from strong-smelling foods, such as onion, so that the odors doesn’t transfer to your cherries!

Rinse and Snack
A mistake that many make is washing fruit as soon as it gets home from the grocery store. Leaving moisture on cherries can actually spoil them quicker, so it is important to wash them right before you eat as it helps extends shelf life.

Eat or Freeze
Since cherries are very perishable, don’t hesitate to eat them fast! They should last 5-7 days in the refrigerator. If you don’t plan on finishing your cherries right away, try freezing them for later or preserving them.

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