How do I keep raspberries fresher for longer?


Once you get home with your raspberries, sort through the package and, if there are any discolored raspberries, or raspberries that contain moisture, discard them. If you’re not going to eat them immediately, store them unwashed – introducing moisture to the berries will make them go bad more quickly. Follow the below storage tips to help extend the shelf life of your raspberries.

Store dry raspberries in their original clamshell container, not in an airtight container. The original container is designed with slots and holes to allow for airflow, helping to keep your berries fresher longer.

  • Keep them front and center in your refrigerator (between 32° and 34°F) where they’ll be visible and easy to reach. This way, you’ll use them before they have a chance to go bad.
  • Do not store raspberries in the back of the refrigerator or in the crisper. The air in the crisper may be slightly less humid than it is in the rest of the refrigerator and can cause your raspberries dry out quicker.

How long do raspberries last in the fridge?

If stored properly, raspberries are the most juicy, plump, and delicious for 1-2 days in the refrigerator. However, if you’re looking to keep your berries for a longer time, freezing them is the best option.

How to clean raspberries

Remember, raspberries can be more delicate than our other berries. Rinse them gently with cool water before you’re ready to eat them. To enhance their natural flavors, let them reach room temperature before serving.

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Raspberries are a favorite berry that are delicious on their own. But they’re also extremely versatile, being great in smoothies, salads, desserts, on top of cereal, granola and yogurt and are also a perfect ingredient for a refreshing cocktail!

Similar to other berries, raspberries are picked at the peak of ripeness – which means they have a short shelf life. To ensure your raspberries stay fresh for as long as possible, the first step is knowing how to pick raspberries in the store. Inspect the bottom of the package to check for any moisture and avoid packages that contain any leaky, mushy or discolored fruit. Choose packages with dry, bright, well-colored berries that are fully ripe.

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