Pizza is often a favorite food, and pizza night is staple in many households. It can get a bad rap when it comes to nutrition, so we have a few tips to “Plus Up” the nutrition of a family favorite by adding more nutrient-dense vegetables to your pizza.

Add produce toppings!

Easily add your favorite combinations of vegetables to your pizza before baking.

Mushroom and onions pair well with sausage, spinach and peppers pair well with chicken. The options are endless! Visit for a variety of delicious pizza recipes and look for the ones that include a veggie topping.

Add a side of vegetables!

Round of your pizza meal with veggies. Whether it’s a favorite side salad, or a side of fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables prepared to your liking, adding a vegetable side dish can help you add more nutrients and fiber to your meal.

Include produce in your crust.

Cauliflower pizza crust is becoming more & more popular – and we’re on board since it’s a subtle way to add in a little boost of veggies & unique taste.

There are many ways to still enjoy a favorite food + get the added benefits of more vegetables!  For more tips and ideas on how to plan a family pizza night, check out this post from

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