Working Hard For Your Health & Happiness

The produce industry is working around the clock to ensure that we are able to feed healthy, safe food to our families. And they are committed to making sure that fruits and veggies continue to be available. To honor them, let’s hear some of their stories from the field… to the store… to our homes.

National Watermelon Promotion Board
Growing Watermelon in Florida
American Frozen Food Institute
Meet Your Frozen Vegetable Grower
Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.
A Day In the Life of a Celery Farmer
USA Pears
Hand-Picked: The Story of Pears in the Pacific NW
Pacific Coast Producers
Heart of California Fruit & Tomato Tour
Stemilt Growers
Stemilt Growers: R.W. Knudsen Family
Red Sun Farms
Welcome to Red Sun Farms Greenhouses
California Strawberry Commission
Farmer Spotlight: Valente Sanchez

Other Stories