White Fruits & Veggies Fight Back Against Stroke

White Flesh Fruits and Vegetables Associated with Low Risk for Stroke

Sep 19, 2011– A new study has found that eating fruits and vegetables whose edible section, or flesh, is white may protect against stroke. Fruits and vegetables were divided into four color groups, each based on the color of the flesh portion: Green, orange/yellow, red/purple and white. Fruits and vegetables included in the white category were apples, pears, apple juice, apple sauce, bananas, cauliflower, chicory, cucumber and mushrooms. White fruits and vegetables were the most commonly consumed produce at 36 percent, and within this group, apples and pears accounted for the highest consumption at 55 percent. The findings were published online in the September 15, 2011 edition of Stroke and will be printed in the November 2011 edition. Read Press Release

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