Have you ever thought to yourself, oh, I’ll bring a veggie tray to (insert event name) but then thought, wait, I don’t want to be THAT girl, so you pick up a box of sweets or bottle of wine instead?

I get it. Trust me, I do, but today is about boosting your confidence in being the veggie guy or gal! I have a ton of practice being a Dietitian who doesn’t want to be labeled the food police. I tell myself that people will judge me or “expect me” to bring the veggie tray, and I feel self-conscious about it. Yep, even as a Dietitian, maybe more so than the average person. But then I remind myself of the following:

Veggie trays always get devoured first! People always put them on their plates, and most people appreciate they are there.

I remember that most people want the veggies there but are afraid to be THAT girl that doesn’t bring something sweet.

I also try to go beyond just picking up the tray from the store. Arranging veggies yourself so that there are lots of vibrant colors makes it more appealing and appetizing. Good choices are an assortment of finger veggies like cut up celery, broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and mini bell peppers. For fun, change-up the look of common veggie varieties of carrots such as rainbow carrots and orange or purple cauliflower.

Next, I make sure there is at least one delicious homemade dip. Now the dip doesn’t necessarily need to be low calorie (it is the holidays after all) as long as it’s made with real food ingredients! If possible, I like to bring something cheesy or savory and something cool or spicy for a flavor contrast.






If you are going somewhere farther away, you can arrange all your veggies in baggies to assemble on site. Ice trays help keep veggies extra cold and crisp, making them extra appealing!

And one last tip, when all else fails, you can make your veggies into the dip itself! There are many options out there, especially with cauliflower, but I love this butternut squash hummus and spinach artichoke dip!



So keep in mind these simple tips, and you can walk confidently into the party with a beautiful and tasty platter of veggies that will outshine the day!

  1. Remember, the veggie tray is always appreciated, and one of the first to be devoured.
  2. Purchase a fun variety of veggies, ideally with unusual colors.
  3. Make a homemade dip to give flavor variety! Or incorporate veggies into your dip!

Assemble and take with you or assemble on the scene to keep veggies extra crisp.

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