We’re heading into summer, which means more time spent away from home (vacation!) for many of us. How can we relax and enjoy ourselves without worrying about finding healthy snacks at the airport or avoiding the fast food and chips during a road trip?

Here are my top five healthy travel tips:

  1. Bring healthy snacks. There are some great portable snack options, including fruit, vegetables, and nuts. Be sure to include a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate to give you the nutrition and energy you need. Want some travel snack tips? Take a look at my Summer Snacking Tip Video below.
  2. Pack your own meal. This is particularly helpful when flying or driving long distances. Most food you’ll find on airplanes and at rest stops is processed and full of “hyperpalatables” – fat, salt, and sugar. Even something as simple as a PB&J on whole wheat will keep you energized!
  3. Stay hydrated. Water is essential when traveling, especially if you are flying.
  4. Get enough rest. Traveling can be exhausting, which makes it more difficult to make smart choices about food. Sleep is essential!
  5. Assume the vertical. Essentially this means move! Get up and walk around the plane or do a lap around the rest stop. Create your own walking tour and discover your destination on foot or by bike. Bottom line, walk whenever and wherever you can.

Next time you find yourself about to go away, take a moment and figure out how to prepare for healthy choices. You’ll likely feel better afterward and your body will thank you!

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