With the holidays coming up, you may have many extra expenses hitting your wallet. This makes squash the perfect addition to your holiday meals: it will help stretch your grocery budget and is full of nutrients to boot! The complex assortment of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants naturally found in squash are optimal for fighting disease and keeping us healthy throughout the holiday season. Squash is at its peak flavor and nutrient content during the late fall and early winter months, which make it a great sidekick to your favorite holiday foods.

Squash is very versatile and can be added or substituted into many recipe favorites that you crave during the holiday season. It pairs great with other seasonal fruits and vegetables in both sweet and savory recipes that are perfect for keeping you and your family healthy. Each variety of squash, such as acorn, butternut and spaghetti are a little bit different in flavor and texture, making it fun to experiment which pairs best with your favorite recipes. Here are three easy ways to add squash into your meals this holiday season:

Add roasted squash to your favorite salad.
Use greens such spinach or whole grains such as quinoa for the base; add squash roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper; and then sprinkle on some fruit such as pomegranate or apple slices to make your salad colorful and bright.

Make a squash soup.
Peel and dice squash and produce you already have, such as onions, celery, sweet potatoes and/or apples. Add diced produce and broth to your slow cooker. Cook until diced pieces are tender, season as desired and puree or eat as is. A cozy bowl of soup is perfect for cool weather that is ahead!

Replace your spaghetti noodles with spaghetti squash.
Simply halve and roast your spaghetti squash in the oven, or place it in a covered bowl in the microwave and cook until soft. Either scoop the squash out of its shell, or place your meatballs and sauce in the center to make a stuffed squash.

Written by: Rachel Kratz
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Dietetic Intern
Reviewed by: Casey Crevier, RDN, CD
Nutrition Communications Specialist
Skogen’s Festival Foods

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