Produce & Pasta Is The Perfect Pairing For Sharing

Are you searching for meal ideas that can be prepped with ease that are sure to please? Pasta and produce is a flavor-filled combination that also delivers on nutrient amplification. How about penne with marinara, pasta e fagioli, minestrone, pasta primavera, veggie lasagna,  linguini with zucchini; broccoli, ricotta and orecchiette, and butternut squash ravioli just to mention a few. What could be better than pasta paired with produce?


The beauty of these dishes is that they can be prepared with the #wealthonyourshelf. Boxes or bags of pasta, frozen ravioli or tortellini, or even freshly made pasta if you are so inclined can be the foundation. Frozen, canned, fresh or even dried veggies for crunch provide the produce punch. Marinara from your homegrown tomatoes, or a tetrapak carton or jar sauce up your plate. Canned beans add the produce and the protein but can also provide creaminess when pureed and added to mac and cheese.

Looking to ramp up the veggies? Consider a mix of pasta and veggie noodles. And with most pasta dishes you can make a little or a lot, so if you love the idea of making once eating twice, pasta and produce is quite nice.

And the beauty of this type of meal is that it can be so easy. Boil water, add pasta of choice. Cook and drain. Top with a spaghetti sauce and add in frozen or canned veggies and protein and you are done! A meal in minutes with affordable and available ingredients.


Pasta can be part of any plate. But it doesn’t have to be the sole occupant. Wanting to fill up, but keep pasta portions in check? How about a minestrone or pasta e fagioli where the liquid is the primary ingredient? You get the volume and fill factor with fewer calories. Going veggie-heavy on your pasta also ups the nutrient density at a lower calorie cost. And certainly, adding protein to your pasta helps you to feel fuller for longer. How about pasta with edamame and a peanut sauce, or greens and beans over rotini.


Pasta and produce are like old friends, familiar and always work well together.

For the produce-reluctant one in your family, pasta can be a great way to add more veggies.  Chopped or pureed veggies added to a sauce, leftover roasted veggies in a pasta salad, pureed cannellini beans to mac and cheese, pesto made with spinach, veggie lasagna, noodle kugel with cottage cheese and prunes, or a pasta, yogurt, pineapple and orange salad are all delicious and nutritious ways to excite and delight. For the plant-based, picky palates, budget-conscious, health-conscious and foodies, pasta and produce are the perfect way to increase fruits and veggies every day. #haveaplant #sharethepasta

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