Whether you’re taking a road trip across the states or just out for a day trip to the beach, it’s important to think about packing fruits and veggies for your summertime travels. Many families reach for non-perishable items when it comes to packing snacks, but we can’t forget about fruits and veggies! Here are a few Produce-Packed Snack Hacks when it comes to summertime travels.

Hack #1: Freeze grapes ahead of time and pack them as freezer packs in your cooler. They will help keep other items chilled AND let’s be honest- frozen grapes are a delicious snack.

Hack #2: Pre-cut fruits & veggies – Save some time (and some stress!) and wash and cut your produce ahead of time. You’ll be more likely to enjoy the produce when it’s ready to eat! Some great options include cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, carrots, melon, broccoli, cauliflower, citrus…etc.

Hack #3: Think finger foods! There are several produce items that are great finger foods such as cherry tomatoes, grapes, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, snack-size sweet peppers, clementines, bananas, etc. These items don’t need to be cut, just washed and ready to go!

Hack #4: To prevent your produce from getting squished, store your produce inside reusable food containers. You can easily prep your produce ahead of time and store it in the fridge before you are ready to pack for the trip.

Hack #5: All forms matter! Dried fruit and even individually packaged fruit (such as applesauce, raisins, or dried mango) are perfect for traveling. No need to keep them refrigerated! Just be sure you’ve packed utensils if needed.

Hack #6: Pair produce with a protein and/or a healthy fat for a well-balanced snack. Some good options to pair with produce include nuts, seeds, whole grain crackers or cereals, nut butters, cheese, and hummus. Not only do they pair great with different fruits and vegetables, but they will also ensure that you and your family are staying fueled for a fun family vacation.

Last but not least…. Don’t forget about the essentials! When it comes to packing produce, always be sure you have a cooler, some freezer packs, and even some extra supplies (such as napkins, utensils, and hand wipes). Food safety is extremely important- and some fresh chilled produce is tasty and refreshing!

Stay healthy & safe travels!


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