Make Potatoes Part of Your Plan

If you’re looking to power up your performance, look no further than the potato. Did you know that potatoes provide the carbohydrates, potassium and energy you need to perform at your best? Potatoes are more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable and have even more potassium than a banana. Plus there’s a potato option to fuel your body and brain throughout the day – whether you lead an active lifestyle or are competing with elite athletes.

Potatoes are packed with nutrients and actually, pound for pound, potatoes continue to be one of the greatest values in the produce department. They have the highest score per dollar on providing potassium, fiber, protein, vitamins C and E, calcium, iron and magnesium. With one medium (5.3 ounce) potato (with skin on) containing just 110 calories, no fat, sodium or cholesterol and an abundance of nutrients, potatoes are quite a super vegetable! They can also fuel your body throughout the day making them the perfect companion to perform at your best.

Power Your Performance with Potatoes

With complex carbohydrates and dense nutrients, potatoes are the perfect companion to peak performance. Here is why:

  • One medium potato (with skin on) contains: 26 g complex carbohydrates, 620 mg potassium, 3 g protein, 27 mg vitamin C and 2 g fiber. That means that one medium potato has more potassium than a banana and 30% of your daily value (DV) of vitamin C! Vitamin C is important to help keep your immune system healthy and ensure peak performance.
  • Potatoes contain complex carbohydrates, which are the primary fuel for key muscles and your brain. These complex carbohydrates play a significant role in sustainable energy throughout the day. This is important for workouts because our body’s storage of carbohydrates are limited and get depleted during tasks. By eating potatoes, we are able to replenish our carbohydrate storage and maintain energy.
  • Another key benefit to consuming potatoes is the 620 mg of potassium that a medium potato (with skin on) has. Potassium is important because the electrolyte aids in nervous system, cardiovascular and muscle function.

So here’s a plan. Make potatoes part of your routine to ensure you can perform at your best, and sustain your energy throughout the day. #haveaplant

Did You Know?

  • You can keep your potatoes for several months if you store them in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area.
  • The ideal storage temperature is between 45-50°F. Do not refrigerate potatoes. If stored at temperatures below 42°F the starch will begin to turn into sugar. Say what?!
  • If your potatoes have started to sprout, you can remove the sprouts, cut out any greening and still cook and enjoy them!
  • There are over 200 varieties of potatoes grown throughout the U.S., all of which fall within the 5 types: Russets, Reds, Yellows, Whites, and Specialty Varieties like Fingerlings.

Spud-tacular Taste

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables to enjoy. Add them as a side to your favorite meal or make them the center of your plate as part of your main dish. Explore these exciting potato recipes!

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