I often find when talking to people about their nutrition, there are three things we tend to not get enough of: fruits, vegetables, and water. As we know, life can be so busy and it’s easy to forget to add these important foods into our daily eating routines. While many people know that getting enough water and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables are incredibly important for our overall health, taking the time to ensure adequate intake can be a challenge. One way to help increase your intake is to combine them! Pour yourself a cold glass of water, add your favorite fruits and vegetables and you can have yourself a nutrient dense, thirst quenching, drink with no added sugar. Nutritious for your health and your taste buds too! Let’s talk, Plantfusions!

Plain water is great, but it is only one way to help you achieve your daily water goal. When trying to determine how much water to drink, I encourage aiming for at least 64 ounces per day. This helps not only to prevent dehydration, but it also works to flush our kidneys and bladder, prevent constipation, achieve electrolyte balance, maintain body temperature, cushion your joints, manage body weight and so much more. When aiming for 64 ounces or more, it can be challenging to get enough variety without getting bored. That’s where adding in fruits and vegetables comes into play. Adding flavorful herbs to the mix can further enhance these combinations.

Infusing water with fruits, vegetables and herbs not only tastes good, but it is good for our bodies as well. Depending on the produce we are adding, the health benefits can vary from helping with digestion, immune support, and even freshening your breath. Fruits, vegetables and herbs contain a variety of micronutrients that work to help our bodies in many ways. Trying different combinations can help to vary up the health benefits and help us to not get tired of the same water combination. Want to get even more from your plant-infused water? Eat the produce after you are done drinking. Not only are you getting the nutrient benefits from infusing it but now you are getting fiber and a tasty snack too!

Infusing water is super simple and can be prepared in the moment or ahead of time. Choosing what goes into your water also helps avoid unnecessary added sugars and other additives that can come with sweetened drinks and drink mixes. Being mindful of drinking our calories also can help with weight and blood glucose management too. To prepare, all you need is a pitcher or bottle of water (glass is known to hold flavor well) and add in your favorite cut fruits, herbs, and vegetables, then chill. Try cutting citrus fruits thin and leaving the peel on. You can also squeeze some of the juice in for a more instant flavor. Herbs can be cut or torn as well to help flavor infuse in faster. For a stronger flavor, prepare several hours or even the night before.

Not sure where to start? Below are some simple Plantfusion combinations that you can try in your water today. Happy hydrating!

Cucumber + Lemon

Strawberry + Blueberry

Cucumber + Lemon + Lime + Mint

Strawberry + Lemon + Basil

Strawberry + Kiwi + Lime

Carrot + Orange + Ginger

Watermelon + Mint

Pineapple + Mango + Orange

Grapefruit + Rosemary

Blueberry + Lavender

Strawberry + Pineapple + Sage

Celery + Cucumber + Lemon + Lime

Apple + Cinnamon

Carrot + Pineapple + Apple

Blueberry + Peach

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