Insider’s Viewpoint: Picky, Picky … Just Get Tricky (ENCORE!)

A “Summer’s-Just-Beginning” Survival Guide to Encourage Healthier Eating

Six out of ten Moms believe kids are picky
So serving up veggies at meals can be tricky…
Be patient, creative, and you will find peace
And maybe consumption will even increase!

Let’s start with the spice aisle…go see what is new!
A simple new seasoning might be the clue.
I’ll give an example. I’ll give you a hint:
Pizzazz up your peas with a whisper of mint.

And better than buying dried herbs off the shelf
Is the joy that can come when you plant them yourself.
Sow some seeds in the earth and before you quite know it
They’ll eat what they planted for they helped to grow it!

We all know that kids love to tell and to show
And are often more likely to eat what they grow.
Just think of the pride and the oodles of praise
They’ll have for the produce that THEY helped to raise!

Grow melons and berries and think of the grins
You’ll see when the juices drip right off their chins!
If “home grown” fresh produce were more celebrated,
You might be surprised how much higher they’d rate it!

And gardening’s not only about weed and seed,
Kids can feel good when they help those in need
By sharing the extras that come from the yield
And offering the bounty that comes from their field!

Are you feeling a bit like a big “Doubting Thomas”?
Then move on to something that might have some promise!
International choices positioned as noble
Could help with consumption of produce that’s global.

Kids love to be part of the hottest new trends,
Always willing to try what a “star” recommends
So who do they worship? Just google a list
Of famous young vegans – Go on! I insist!

You’ve got to make use of these powerful tools,
For then there’s no need for oppressive food rules
You won’t have to force them to eat kale or beets
If their IDOL indulges, guess what YOUR kid eats?

It’s best not to threaten…and please, tell no lies!
“I promise you just have to give it three tries.”
So what if your efforts at times cause a sigh…
Be happy and proud that they gave it a try!

Does it seem like a mystery to get kids to eat
More veggies and fruits…An impossible feat?
Well, it’s not rocket science; it’s not even magic.
It doesn’t take millions to side-step the tragic…

It does take some patience and plenty of pluck,
And wisdom and courage…and OK, some luck!
But remember the goal at the heart of all stealth
Are plates full of goodness and lifetimes of health!
Joanie Taylor
Director, Consumer Affairs
Schnuck Markets, Inc.
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