It’s Easy To Celebrate September As National Fruits & Veggies Month!

Performance Nutrition

Serious about your exercise regime? Whether it’s running, biking, weightlifting, or mountain climbing, be sure to keep your body adequately fueled so you can go the distance!

Performance nutrition focuses on the relationship between nutrition and athletic performance, including the quality and quantity of your fluid and food intake. Fruits and veggies are chockfull of nutrients that can benefit your endurance in workouts and races. So read on and learn how to fuel up for maximum performance!

Performance Nutrition: Are You Getting Enough Iron? Are You Getting Enough Iron?
The average American gets more than enough iron each day, buy if you’re exercising regularly or actively participating in endurance activities like running or fast walking, you’re not average. Make sure you are getting enough Iron for your active lifestyle.
The Active Person’s Guide to Getting Enough Iron

Performance Nutrition: How to Use Fruits & Veggies to Shed Extra Pounds How to Use Fruits & Veggies to Shed Extra Pounds
Losing weight comes down to eating fewer calories each day, but just eating less isn’t the best way to lose weight. Restrictive diets often leave you hungry and poorly nourished; hardly ideal for an active person. What’s the key? Find Out

Performance Nutrition: Perfect Post-Workout Food Pairings Perfect Post-Workout Food Pairings
The idea of a post-workout snack is popular, but even if the workout is low intensity, there’s a tendency to eat more calories than needed. A simple solution is whole fruit – a no nonsense after workout snack with many benefits. Mix & Match Snack Pairings

Performance Nutrition: Low FODMAP Fruits For Fueling Low FODMAP Fruits For Fueling
For FODMAP-sensitive people, like those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, finding the right fruits to snack on doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, there are more fruits to choose from than you may think. List of Fruits Low in FODMAPs

Performance Nutrition: Vegan Athletes & Meeting Dietary Needs Vegan Athletes & Meeting Dietary Needs
Being vegetarian or vegan shouldn’t slow you down or make sport training challenging. However, there are minerals that need special attention in a diet that excludes meat and dairy.
How To Get Your Iron, Zinc & Iodine

Performance Nutrition: How Age Changes Nutrition Needs How Age Changes Nutrition Needs
Nutrition plays a key role in keeping us at our best at all ages, but some special consideration for hydration, protein, vitamins, and minerals needs to be addressed as we age.
How Age Changes Nutrition Needs

Should You Use an Energy Gel? The Good, Bad, Ugly of Gels and a Better Option The Good, Bad, Ugly Of Gels And A Better Option
Energy gels are a convenient source of energy to prevent running out of fuel during endurance training. But did you know they can interfere with hydration and in some cases decrease performance if not used properly? A Better Option | How To Use Gels Properly

Bananas, Cramps and the Real Deal on Hydration and Electrolytes Bananas, Cramps and the Real Deal on Hydration and Electrolytes
The exact cause of exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC) is still unknown. But recent studies are finding little reason to believe the usual suspects are to blame. Possible Cause | Importance of Bananas

Does It Really Matter What You Eat After A Workout? Does It Really Matter What You Eat After A Workout?
Post-workout meals might not be what’s best for you. Here’s what you should know about nutrient timing and how to make it work for your goals.How To Make Nutrient Timing Work For You

Warm Weather Hydration Warm Weather Hydration
As you move activities outdoors and into warmer conditions, it’s important to adjust your hydration strategies to meet increased demands. How To Stay Hydrated Before, During & After Exercise

Proper Fueling For Long Workouts & Races Fuel For Long Workouts & Races
Fatigue and loss of performance are indicators of being under fueled, dehydrated, or both. Training this way regularly is counter-productive. Learn to stay on top of your game.

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