Invite fruits and veggies to the party! Use them to bring color, flavor and texture to your charcuterie board, holiday table, and dessert spread. Whether you’re celebrating with family or hosting a soiree with friends, we have ideas that’ll delight them all. Begin with a plant-forward menu that weaves fruits and vegetables into every dish, making them the star of the party.


It’s easy to #haveaplant with your appetizers. Serve slices of Butternut Squash and Feta Focaccia, skewer fresh and dried fruit along with cubes of cheese, or simply use sliced cucumber “crackers” topped with smoked salmon or a dollop of hummus.

Cocktails & Mocktails

There’s plenty of room for fruits and veggies in your beverages. Start with mix-ins made from 100% fruit juice. Then add an array of sliced citrus to garnish drinks. Elevate your bar Winter Sangria or Pear Shrub with Honey & Thyme to use in an assortment of cocktails and mocktails.


Whether your party includes a sit-down dinner or something more casual, there’s room at your party for fruits and vegetables. Try a simple side that turns carrots into an elegant dish, while a bit more chopping brings you a twist on traditional root vegetables. Guests will be impressed by this Wine Braised Chicken with Squash and Figs, while individual vegetarian pot pies set the mood for a casual holiday party.


Round out your party with desserts that will delight party goers of all ages. Turn a simple ice cream bar into something more with Roasted Strawberries with Maple & Vanilla, Bananas Foster or diced apples with cinnamon (warmed quickly in the microwave). Serve fresh berries along with a simple cheesecake dip.

Enjoy these additional tips for elevating your plate this holiday season.

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