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Savvy Fruit & Veggie Shopping Tips

Get Smart!
It’s easy to include more without spending more. Remember to look for weekly specials throughout the store and try these other tips for including more fruits and veggies.

Sale Sleuth
Let your kids scan the circulars for sales in all forms: fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice. With a portion of the savings, let them pick out a new book (or other prize)!

Shop & Chop
Buy fresh produce and chop immediately yourself. Store in the fridge so you can throw veggies into a bowl for the same convenience as pre-chopped packages—with much less cost!

Sacks ’n Packs
Buy produce in bulk for a cost-efficient trip. Make double the dish and freeze half for an ultra-convenient dish down the road!

Avoid The Dinner Doldrums
Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables are often less expensive than those from different climates. So, take advantage of seasonal produce in planning your meals!

From The fridge To The freezer
Freeze uneaten portions of fresh vegetables, by dicing, blanching and placing in small containers. Use later in Western omelets, chicken and stir-fries or good old-fashioned beef stew.

Multiply & Divide
Prepare dinner meals (casseroles, pasta dishes and soups) by doubling the veggies and reducing the meat, as veggies are often less expensive. Add beans for extra low-cost protein.

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