New Food Icon = Extra Commitment

A few months ago I wrote about how the Half-My-Plate concept was helping me keep myself and my family on track to getting our recommended servings of fruits and veggies each day.
It makes it easier to measure servings–just fill half your plate!
This past week the USDA released its new food icon, MyPlate, which replaces the old pyramid and shows a plate graphic with the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, protein and grains.
What’s key about this icon is that it supports the Half-My-Plate concept by showing half the plate filled with fruits and veggies.

As so many moms can tell you, keeping your kids motivated about anything can be a challenge.
While I consistently try to make mine aware of the importance of healthy eating, it can be a battle from time to time.
The USDA release of its new food icon and all the media attention surrounding it has been a definite help in driving home my message about eating MORE fruits and veggies.
Rather than asking my family if they’ve gotten in their daily requirement, I can now simply ask if half their plate is filled with fruits and/or vegetables.
I’ve even had my husband show me his plate at lunch the other day and point out that half was filled with a variety of fruit (the other half was his sandwich).

Let’s face it–how likely are you to get your kids to measure out cups of fruits and/or vegetables?
Doesn’t it make it easier for them to know they are eating the way they should
if they ensure half their plate consists of produce?
I, for one, find it to be a way to motivate myself (and my family) to be committed to a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re new to the Half-My-Plate concept, we’ve got all the information you need.
And, if you take our More Matters Half-My-Plate Pledge, we have plenty of ways to get your started and make it simple to get you and your family eating the fruits and veggies you need for a healthy body.
no better time to get started than today.

Trust me, you’ll feel better and be happy you did!

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