When April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? May flowers bring a beautiful new growth of produce that renews our hope for healthy and delicious recipes to enjoy during the upcoming spring and summer season! Mindful May is also Mediterranean Diet Month and they truly go hand in hand. Any time we can have the pairing of fruits and vegetables with the most glamourous diet out there, we will have a winner. The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets because of the abundance of all the produce used in every Mediterranean recipe…even pizza has basil and tomatoes.

I love this easy frittata recipe filled with the gorgeous Swiss chard that is typically in full bloom in springtime where I live. I must also give onions and garlic, staples in the Mediterranean diet, a place in the frittata recipe as they give it not only has the best nutrients for staying healthy, it gives this dish the best flavor alongside those fresh eggs and cheese. A great trick when making this recipe is to chop those rainbow-colored stems from the Swiss chard and toss them in while you are sautéing the onions. They are full of vitamins and fiber and give a great color contrast and a texture to the finished dish. This frittata is a great idea for breakfast or brunch when you have a few more of you to feed, however, it makes a great breakfast all week long as it has already been made and you can get to where you are going with the optimal nutrition of a quick protein and produce combo. Easy, quick, and delicious makes this a recipe for your weekly repertoire. #haveaplant

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