Make Your Next Brunch A Little Sweeter

Brunch – the meal that has it all! There’s a little something there for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth or desire something savory. From egg dishes to hamburgers, the opportunities are endless when you’re deciding what to serve. So why not make your next brunch a little sweeter, both literally and nutritionally, with fruit?

Leafy Green Goodness

Salads provide the ideal quick and easy side dish that every brunch needs. In fact, a pile of leafy greens provides a base with ample opportunity for fruity additions. Try blackberries, apples, pomegranate seeds, or even pears to make the perfect “pair” with your leafy greens! A light vinaigrette dressing ties the sweet and savory flavors together with a zesty bow. Mix a touch of Dijon mustard with olive oil and red wine vinegar to create a quick and easy vinaigrette.

Cheese Please!

The mild flavor of ricotta cheese couples beautifully with almost any fruit. Plus, there’s something aesthetically pleasing about a thick-cut piece of toast loaded high with fruit and toppings. The white ricotta spread forms the ideal foundation to make the fruits’ color pop! I love this ricotta toast recipe because it serves as a starting point from which to build your fruity masterpiece. Try exchanging the bananas for apples or strawberries. Looking for a little extra oomph? Drizzle peanut butter or chocolate over your toast. The combinations are limitless!

Greek Yogurt – With A Twist

Yogurt and fruit are a classic duo. Put a spin on the tried and true by adding a little honey and vanilla to your protein rich Greek yogurt. Offer an array of fruits so that guests can enjoy mixing and matching their favorites. A buffet style yogurt bar is sure to “wow” with the abundance of colors and textures. My personal favorite options are raspberries and blackberries!

Elevate your brunch game this spring by adding these fun, colorful, and nutritious fruit options to your table!

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