Let Fruits & Veggies Help Keep You Hydrated

If you were one of the many who suffered last week’s brutal heat wave, you know keeping hydrated was key to surviving those uncomfortable days. The obvious answer is to have water on hand at all times, but I find that filling up on fruits and vegetables at meal times really helps.

Like many folks, the heat does a number where my appetite is concerned. Let’s just say I don’t really have one when the temps climb over 90 degrees, but experts will tell you it’s important to continue to feed your body. I find that fruits and vegetables are much easier for me to handle in warmer temps–think things like cool salads or veggie wraps. I also find that the water content in fruits and vegetables helps my body stay hydrated during those hot days. Think about eating a fruit salad that contains watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, blueberry and peaches. Those juicy fruits contain a lot of water, not to mention the many vitamins and minerals that contribute to keeping your energy up during the oppressive heat.

The same goes for a crisp salad. Lettuce contains mainly water–add other veggies like raw mushrooms, carrots, celery, tomatoes, sprouts and frozen peas and you’ve got yourself a nutrient packed, tasty meal. In fact, this week’s Insider’s Viewpoint has some great ideas for making salads the focal point of your meal for summer.

We’re sure to have more heat waves this summer.  The next time the temps are on the rise, along with reaching for the water bottle, be sure to reach for your fruits and veggies too.  They’ll help you keep cool, stay hydrated and beat the heat this summer!

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