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Though the season is over, gardening never actually ends! You can continue planning for next year while enjoying anything you’ve canned or have in the freezer. Search hundreds of recipes in our Fruit & Vegetable Recipe Database or check out our Meal Planning and Budgeting Ideas. And … if you’re looking for ways to include more of your fruits and vegetables in holiday meals and celebrations, check out our Healthy Holiday Cooking and Entertaining with Fruits & Veggies section.

Thinking About Next Year
Just because the temperatures have turned cooler, and winter is just around the corner, doesn’t mean gardening has to stop. November through February is the perfect time to plan out your garden for the following spring. Consider the following when planning:

    • Which fruits and vegetables grew the best?
    • Which fruits and vegetables did your family enjoy the most?
    • Which fruits and vegetables grew the worst? Figure out why – not enough sunlight, not enough or too much water, disease, bugs, etc. Just because a plant did not grow or yield the desired fruit or vegetable doesn’t mean it has to be banned from the garden … there’s always a reason.
    • Do you want to expand the size of the garden in the spring, or perhaps scale back?
    • Do you want to plant some vegetables in containers? Lettuce, tomatoes, and green peppers work well in containers.
    • What did you enjoy the most about gardening and why?
    • What did you enjoy the least and why? Can you take steps to make these results more positive in the spring?
    • Do you want to start your own fruit and vegetable plants from seeds in your home?
    • Do you want to purchase seeds from a seed catalog?

Were you able to use, freeze, or give-away the fruits and vegetables from the garden? If not, consider scaling back in the spring.

See you next year!

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