Trick-or-Treat Tips for a Happy & Healthy Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! With the chance to dress up in fun costumes and stock up on treats, it’s no wonder Halloween is a favorite holiday for both kids and adults. If you plan to take your kids trick-or-treating, use these simple tips to keep it fun, healthy and safe:

5 Trick-or-Treat Tips

  1. Eat a healthy meal or snack before trick-or-treating. Going trick-or-treating on an empty stomach can lead to overeating, so be sure your kids eat a nourishing meal or snack beforehand.
  2. Choose the right bag. Make sure your child’s trick-or-treat bag is appropriate for their age, and is never bigger than a shopping bag.
  3. Think outside the box. The Teal Pumpkin Project encourages families to consider handing out non-food items to trick-or-treaters. While Halloween is usually known for candy and treats, handing out non-food items like temporary tattoos, stickers, bubbles and glow sticks is important to consider for kids with food allergies. An easy way to know if a house is handing out non-food treats is to look for a teal-colored pumpkin outside the home.
  4. Teach portion control. If you have leftover candy after Halloween, pair it with a healthy snack like fruit, yogurt or milk and limit to one or two treats per day. This is also a good time to teach kids about enjoying special treats in moderation.
  5. Have fun! Halloween is once a year and is meant for fun and indulgence. It’s what you eat every day or the majority of the time that has the largest impact on your health.

Healthy Idea! Veggie Skeleton
Looking for a quick and festive Halloween treat to make with your kiddos? Try a veggie skeleton!

Recipe image courtesy of Pinterest
  1. Choose an assortment of your favorite colorful veggies: bell pepper strips, cauliflower, broccoli florets, cucumber rounds, celery sticks, baby carrots, snap peas, mushrooms and more!
  2. Arrange the veggies in the shape of a skeleton. Have fun with this and get your kids involved!
  3. Kids are more likely to eat veggies when they are paired with a dip. For the ‘head’ of the skeleton, use hummus or a dip. To make a quick ranch dip that’s ready in no time, mix plain Greek yogurt with ranch dip seasoning mix.
  4. Enjoy!

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