Celebrate Fall with party-perfect produce that allows your fruits and vegetables to shine! When you choose the right presentation, flavors and colors, your fruits and vegetables will be the stand-out star of your spread this season (even among more decadent choices).

6 Ways to Make Fruits & Veggies the Highlight of Your Fall Spread

  1. Use a Skewer. Whenever possible, skewer your fruits and vegetables with other foods or alongside dips. For example, line a toothpick with a grape tomato, slice of basil and a cube of cheese or skewer fruit for an attractive presentation that stands out on the dessert table. Your guests are more likely to pick produce when it’s convenient and easy to enjoy.
  2. Sweet Potato Latkes. Sure, you can make traditional latkes with russet potato, but why not use sweet potato and pear to bring seasonal produce together in a delicious, holiday dish.
  3. Add Red Whenever You Can. Sliced red pepper with guacamole, pomegranate arils in a salad, dried cranberries in rice, skewered strawberries served with a bit of whip cream…there are many ways to bring seasonal color to your table. Keep this in mind with even the simplest foods in your party spread.
  4. Cucumber Cracker. Not only is using a cucumber for a cracker the perfect way to keep your appetizers gluten free, it also ensures your guests are enjoying their veggies! Place a dollop of hummus atop a sliced cucumber along with finely diced olives, seeds or other topping for a beautiful presentation.
  5. Décor: It may not be about eating (at your party), but beautiful, bright and shiny produce makes a perfect centerpiece. You may just find that a guest does pick a perfect piece of fruit because they just can’t resist.
  6. Holiday Slaw: Pass on the white cabbage and use vibrant purple cabbage instead for a holiday slaw that stands out on your table and rounds out about just every meal. Easy to assemble (and make ahead!) your guests won’t be able to resist adding a burst of color to their plate. Here’s a recipe to try: Guiding Stars Holiday Slaw

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