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Happy National Nutrition Month! As a Registered Dietitian, I eat, think about, speak about and play with food all day long. It’s my job and I love it! I encourage you to Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle and allow yourself to embrace food. Let every piece of food invade your senses; sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. We usually don’t take the time to experiment and play with food, so we get stuck with the same thing all the time! With an assortment of foods and food varieties available to us, there is something for every palate. Keep in mind, it doesn’t just stop there. What we decide to do with the food can change it in many ways. Have you noticed the difference in flavor between a raw carrot, a steamed carrot and a roasted carrot? Here are a few different ways to cook up your favorite fruits and vegetables!

6 Ways to Cook Your Favorite Fruits & Veggies

  1. Steam. Bring about one inch of water to a boil in a saucepan. Add vegetables to the steamer basket, reduce to medium heat and cover. The cooking time will vary, so don’t go too far! Your veggies will be ready in no time!
  2. Sauté. Sautéing is a quick and easy way to cook vegetables with relatively little oil. Heat the skillet to medium heat and add oil. Toss in vegetables and cook to your preferred doneness.
  3. Roast. Although, this method may be a bit more time consuming than some others, the high temperature of roasting will cause a nice caramelization of the sugars found within the fruits and vegetables. Place fruit or vegetables on a baking pan, drizzle with oil, juice or wine, season if you’d like, and bake at 400° F for 20-40 minutes.
  4. Grill. Grilling is a great way to lock in flavor, giving fruits and vegetables a nice crispy outside. There are many options when it comes to grilling! You can use foil, a grill basket or simply place the food directly on the grates. Either way, in only a few minutes you will have tasty, scrumptious fruits and vegetables.
  5. Microwave. Need a fast dish on the table? Place fruit or vegetables in a microwave-safe bowl, add a few tablespoons of water or other liquid, cover and cook until tender. Voila!
  6. Un-Cooked (aka Raw). Nothing is easier than fruits and vegetables in the raw flesh. Take time to enjoy these foods the way mother nature intended!

Now, once you found something that you like, keep going. I guarantee you will find more, and MORE matters!
Meredith Mensinger RD, LDN
Corporate Dietitian
Redner’s Warehouse Markets
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