I babysit an 8 year old girl who is a very picky eater, Yesterday her mother sent her and her and her brother ( who is 5) fries and popcornshrimp for lunch, I had the lil’ girl eat 5 pieces of the shrimp before she could have more fries, she got upset w/ me but she doesn’t need to eat half a bag of fries… So this morning her mother brought a pack of bacon and said that this was the lil’ girls lunch, she can eat a whole pack of bacon by herself. IS THIS RIGHT? I KNOW IT CAN”T BE HEALTHY !!! What should I do. My kids don’t eat like that and they are 3 and 5… HELP !! I don’t want this Lil’ girl growing up to Be very overweight. HELP ME PLEASE. Any advice will help

Offering nutrition advice without being asked can be tricky, and you might be most successful if you are kind and non-judgmental. Eating lots of salty and fatty foods, like those you list, is not recommended. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. You might try offering her some of the healthier foods that your kids like, and if she likes them, you might share that information with her mom.
  2. You might express your concern by saying that you seem to be offering her a lot of greasy foods when she is with you, and that you’d be happy to offer her other foods, (like dairy, fruits and vegetables) if mom would bring them along. If she is receptive but does not know where to begin, you might suggest some of the healthier foods that your kids enjoy.

You can find the Top 10 reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables here, and kid friendly recipes here.

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