Hot School Lunch Ideas

It seems like yesterday we were welcoming the summer season, but it’s already time for the new school year to begin again.  If you’re like most moms, school lunches can pose a challenge–packing something nutritious for your child, but making sure it’s something he/she will like and eat.  One way to keep things interesting for your student is by mixing it up and packing a “hot lunch” instead of the usual sandwich or wrap.  Of course, the key to success is using a good thermos that will keep the meal you prepare hot (nothing worse than eating something cold that’s supposed to be hot!).  And, there are some fun recipes, which kids are bound to enjoy.

Kids love mac and cheese, so you can’t go wrong with this Veggie Mac and Cheese Soup. You’ll cook boxed macaroni and cheese and set aside.  Bring chicken stock to a boil and add a bag of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot blend to the stock.  Cook the veggies until tender and reduce the heat to a simmer.  Add the macaroni and cheese, a quarter cup of milk, and a cup of shredded cheddar cheese to the veggie/stock mixture.  Stir until the cheese is melted and pour into a thermos.
mac and cheese soup
Courtesy of MOMables
Zoodles with Meatballs will satisfy your pasta lover, but with more nutrition.  Zucchini are julienned with a vegetable peeler and then sautéed or steamed in place of regular pasta.  You can use your own meatball recipe or use bulk Italian sausage, roll into small balls, and fry them.  Cover with a light, store bought Marinara sauce as the sauce.
zoodles and meatballs
Courtesy of NomNom Paleo
Another kid-friendly meal is chili (as long is it’s not too spicy).  Sweet Potato Chili is a way to pump up the nutrition by adding a few fiber-rich sweet potatoes.  Lean turkey sausage is the base for this recipe, which adds great flavor, but keeps the fat down.  Onion, garlic, a can of tomatoes with mild, green chilies, tomato sauce, and spices are blended in this dish.
Courtesy of April Go Lightly
Have a great week and I’m back next Monday to welcome September with some delicious recipes to celebrate “National Chicken Month.”

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