Handpicked From The Heart

Farmers put their heart and soul into growing the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables possible, to bring produce from the field to your kitchen table, with love. Listen and learn from their compelling stories.

Pacific Coast Producers

Peaches, tomatoes, pears, oh my! Meet farmers and growers from Pacific Coast Producers who work tirelessly to bring tomatoes and fruits from farm to fork.

This is Justin Micheli. Farming is in his blood. He is a fourth-generation peach farmer with roots as far back as the early 1900’s. Today, he is a leader in technological innovation. Justin works with UC Davis and the California Cling Peach Research Committee on ways to mechanically thin trees to combat the dwindling labor supply challenge in the ag industry. Not only is Micheli Farms paving the way for future generations of farmers, they’re also providing quality California Cling Peaches that are picked and packed at peak freshness to be enjoyed from cans and fruit bowls all year long!

Meet Frank Muller. A Northern California tomato farmer and member of the Agricultural Co-op at Pacific Coast Producers. He’s responsible for farming thousands of acres and over 20 different varieties of canning tomatoes. But it’s not just about raising healthy plants for a favorable crop. As a steward of the land, Frank and his business Muller Ranch is committed to applying sustainable practices such as crop rotation, minimum tillage, compost application, and subsurface drip irrigation to ensure the land is taken care of and available year after year so he can continue to produce canned tomatoes for the world’s supply.

Shindi Thiara’s family farming legacy began in 1964. His father and uncles bought their first 20-acre peach ranch in Northern California after working in labor camps for 4 years. Today, he continues their legacy by farming peach orchards to produce canned peaches as a member of Pacific Coast Producer’s Agricultural Co-op.


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