My athletes and lifestyle clients always ask: “how should I be eating?”

This could be a complicated question with a long answer and a huge list of diet changes. Except, that sucks, and experience says so will the outcomes. Now I answer that question with one statement and a google search term.

STATEMENT: I want you to be a vegetarian that eats a little bit of meat.

WEB SEARCH: “Grain bowl” and view the images.

A grain bowl represents everything good about eating.

  • 80% plant-based
  • High in fiber
  • Tons of colors for a variety of phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals
  • Can be made with no cooking skills
  • Requires no recipes
  • Preps, packs, and travels fantastically
  • Uses a mixture of canned, frozen and fresh produce

Perhaps the most important of all is that grain bowls are a flexible style of eating that lets you choose meat, dairy, fish, or not, without feeling deprived or some complicated recipes.

There a few pieces of kitchen equipment than make a grain bowl life way easier though.

  1. Julienne peeler – who needs knife skills
  2. Benriner Japanese Slicer – quickly thin slice anything
  3. Vegetable Peeler – to make ribbons

Have fun!

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