When you think of “Frozen”, you may also be thinking “let it go, let it goooo!”. But when it comes to frozen fruits and vegetables, let’s NOT let it go! Frozen produce is a great way to get more fruits and veggies onto our plates.  And although it may get the rep of being sub-par compared to its fresh counterparts, don’t be fooled! Frozen is as great an option for its nutrition, convenience, and cost.

Frozen fruits and veggies—good for the body AND your wallet!

Frozen fruits and vegetables may not be “fresh”, but that doesn’t mean they are less nutritious. In fact, not only are they jam-packed with those health-promoting vitamins and minerals, they can actually be higher in nutrients than that of fresh! Frozen produce is normally flash-frozen at its peak ripeness, meaning it retains all its nutrients to help promote a healthy and happy body!

Frozen produce is also a wonderful option for convenience and saving money! Have you ever come home from a vacation to find your refrigerator voided of fruits or vegetables? Or maybe you planned to eat that bagged salad just to find it went bad. The great thing about frozen fruits and veggies is that they can basically last an eternity in your freezer. They’re also a budget-friendly option so not only do you NOT have to worry about them spoiling, you can also stock up to make sure you always have a fruit or veggie on hand! Filling your plate with half produce has never been so easy!

Add frozen to your plate!

My favorite thing to do with frozen fruits is turning them into smoothies! Frozen fruit gives your smoothie that creamy, thick texture—perfect for a smoothie bowl! Check out this Blueberry Smoothie Bowl recipe that uses frozen blueberries. Besides smoothies, you can also use frozen fruits in cocktails and mocktails, or blend them with low-fat yogurt for some homemade froyo!

Next up, frozen veggies. You can definitely steam them but if you’re looking for some pizzazz, roast them! Arrange your choice of frozen veg on a sheet pan, drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and roast it in the oven—just like you would fresh! Believe it or not, it tastes completely the same! You can also add frozen vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, and spinach to your smoothies for the same creamy effect as frozen fruit (I swear, you can’t even taste the cauliflower or spinach!).

Whenever possible, aim to buy plain, rather than ones that have added sauces and cheeses, as these will be higher in saturated fat and sodium. Look out for options like broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, and carrots to fill half your plate!

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