Even in the cold months, fruits and veggies have a prominent role. We can make that role even larger by pairing them with some of our favorite foods, creating flavorful “power couples”. Try changing up your favorite dishes by incorporating more fruits and veggies or try some of my favorites below.

Bell Peppers

Nachos are a gameday classic, but you can amp up the nutrition by incorporating more vegetables. In fact, you can make vegetables the star of the show by using mini bell peppers as the vehicle for all your favorite nacho toppings. Top with lean meat, cheese, and even more chopped veggies.

Mini Bell Pepper Nachos


Parfaits are easy to make and can be sweet or savory. They can easily be created just from items you have on hand. Whether using canned peaches or fresh summer peaches, try making them into a parfait. This recipe resembles a dessert, but you could also switch up breakfast by using your favorite yogurt and granola.

Fresh Peach Parfait with Smashed Raspberries & Graham Cracker Crumb Topping


Everyone young and old loves mac and cheese. Whether you are a scratch-made or from-the-box kind of person, take inspiration from this recipe. Add extra nutrients to this fan favorite by incorporating a vegetable like spinach.  It cooks down easy and you can barely even tell it’s there, but your body will benefit from all the nutrients.

One-Pot Mac and Cheese


Who doesn’t love dessert? While it tastes great, many times it can be high in added sugar. Try incorporating more fruit into your desserts since they are naturally sweet. Bananas are a simple, generally inexpensive options and they have a great texture for desserts. This recipe mimics ice cream with creamy frozen banana.

Easy-Freezy Banana Dessert


Chili is a classic meal all year round, but especially in the cold winter months.  Switch up the typical tomato base with another vegetable, pumpkin. While many people think of pumpkin as sweet for drinks and desserts it works great in savory recipes too. This chili recipe is flavorful and creamy from the canned pumpkin while also being filling with beans, chicken and other veggies.

Pumpkin Chicken Chili


Did you ever think you could add extra nutrients to your brownies and make them even more delicious? You can, with avocado! This creamy fruit adds the perfect amount of flavor and heart smart oils to your favorite chocolate brownies. These are perfect to take to a party and surprise everyone with the ingredients. You can even add walnuts on top for some extra heart smart fats.

Dark Chocolate Avocado Brownies

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