It is officially pumpkin patchin’, sweater wearin’, cider sippin’ season! Some may call me #basic, but fall is seriously the best season in my opinion. I mean, my name does mean “autumn” in Vietnamese! But the highlight of this season for me are those fall FLAVORS. Yes, I do love me a good pumpkin spiced latte but fall flavors are so much more than that! My favorites include cinnamon (of course), sage, allspice, ginger, clove, turmeric, and nutmeg. Best of all, fruits and veggies make the perfect canvas to highlight those fall spices. Which is perfect because one question I commonly get asked is “how do I make my fruits and vegetables more interesting?” and my answer is, spice it up!

But before I show you some amazing produce + fall flavor combos, can I be a dietitian real quick and put it out  there that while fruits and vegetables are an amazing source of antioxidants, spices often pack an even bigger punch! In fact, the top foods with the highest antioxidant values are spices (with cloves, cinnamon, oregano, and turmeric ranking highest!).  So, combining fruits and veggies with fall spices is not only delicious, but it’s also a powerhouse of antioxidants (perfect for cold and flu season and keeping your immune system in tip-top shape)!

So here are my top 3 recipes that will surely have you fallin’ for FALL!


Apple, Raspberry, and Cinnamon Oatmeal

Warm and comforting, this nutritious breakfast not only will keep you cozy, it’ll power you through your morning with 11 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein! This recipe calls for freeze-dried fruit but fresh, frozen, or canned works equally as well!


Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes

10/10 nutritionists on my team recommend roasting your vegetables. And that’s because roasting brings out the natural sweetness. Pairing roasted veggies with those fall flavors like in this recipe is a winning combination!


Pumpkin Sage Ravioli with Apple Pecans

Make your own pumpkin ravioli with wonton wrappers and pumpkin puree or buy ready-made ravioli to save some time! Pumpkin + apples + cinnamon + sage = the best of fall in one dish!

Try these recipes or experiment with your own favorite fall spices! Don’t be afraid to #haveaplant!

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