How to Pit Dates for a Gooey Apricot-Stuffed Medjool Date Appetizer

The Everyday Chef: How to Pit Dates for a Gooey Apricot-Stuffed Medjool Date Appetizer

If apricots weren’t fall flavor enough, how about gooey Medjool dates stuffed with dried apricots and walnuts!

What is a good date? (Insert potential joke here.) In the realm of food, a Medjool date is considered … the perfect date. Its large size, sweet taste, and chewy texture make for a yummy fruit in a naturally bite-size package.

This recipe is flexible; any nut or dried fruit can be substituted. Don’t like coconut, try crushed cornflakes as a garnish for crunch.

Looking for something savory perhaps? Try filling the dates with cheese and fresh herbs garnished with black pepper or chili flake for a warmer flavor profile.

Walnut & Apricot Stuffed Medjool Dates Recipe
Serves 6-8

20 each – Medjool Date, pitted
½ cup – Walnuts, chopped small
¼ cup – Dried Apricots, chopped small
1-2 Tbsp – Water
1 Tbsp – Coconut, shredded

Combine nuts, dried fruit, and water into bowl.
Stir mixture and press together with fingers until it becomes tacky and starts to clump up.
Stuff dates.
Garnish with coconut.

Nutrient Analysis:
Calories: 181.48 kcal, Protein: 1.76 g, Carbs: 39.48 g, Total Fat: 3.74 g
Sat Fat: 0.60 g, Cholesterol: 0.00 mg, Sodium: 0.77 mg, Fiber: 3.89 g

Photo Credit: Andrew Dole

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