Insider’s Viewpoint: Don’t Bypass the Bulk Bins!


Are you looking for new ways to add fruits and veggies to your plate? This year, take a culinary adventure through the bulk bin section. This is one area of the supermarket that is often overlooked. Many of the items found in the bulk bins are wholesome nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits/vegetables. Bulk foods are economical, fun to shop for and easy to use. You can buy as much or as little as you want, so the bulk bins are a great way to experiment with new foods. Next time you are at your local grocery store I challenge you to purchase one item from the bulk bin section. Take the opportunity to try new recipes and ingredients.

7 Healthy Ideas for Bulk Foods

  1. Add nuts and seeds to dried fruit to make a delicious trail mix.
  2. Add flax seeds to your smoothies for added omega 3’s.
  3. Use barley or quinoa to add bulk to a vegetarian dish.
  4. Pair steel cut oats and blueberries for a naturally sweetened oatmeal.
  5. Dried veggies make a crunchy snack for kids that can replace fried chips.
  6. Combine lentils with your favorite veggies to make a delicious vegetable soup.
  7. Use Instant hummus as a healthy dip for veggies.

As a general rule, most pantry staples stay good if placed in airtight containers and stored in cool temperatures. Another way to ensure freshness of food is to plan ahead and only buy the ingredients for what you’ll be making that week. Make sure you label each item with the ingredient name and purchase date.
Alyson Dykstra R.D. L.D CPT
Corporate Dietitian
HAC, Inc.

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