Dip it! Tasty Tip For Enjoying More Fruits & Veggies

There’s bad news, and good news.

Bad news: A recent report showed people are eating fruits and vegetables less frequently, down nearly 10% since 2004.

Good news: A simple dip recipe makes snacking on fruits and vegetables even more appealing!

Dips can make any raw fruit or vegetable more enjoyable. In fact, the fat in this Easy Peanut Butter Dip and other vegetable dips helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (the Vitamin A from carrots and the Vitamin K in broccoli).

Slice It & Dice It

Whether you are a college student trying to eat more fruits and veggies or a parent trying to get your kid to, the way you chop or slice it may matter. We all have various taste and texture preferences. It took me a while to realize that I preferred my veggies diced or thinly sliced as opposed to large pieces or chunks. I also prefer a sliced apple or pear to take a bite out of a whole one. When I prep my fruit and veggies the way I like them, I’ll eat more! Win win!

Think about the way the fruit and veggies you are exposed to are cut or presented. Does it affect whether you choose them or not? If so, change it up! Slice and dip your apple! Give your bell pepper and onion a fine dice before you saute, or eat a banana with a fork!

Food & Mood

Including a variety of plants in your diet is an important way to support both your mental and physical health. Some foods can even improve your mood! How? Well, certain foods trigger serotonin release (the feel-good neurotransmitter).

Adding a variety of fruits and veggies to your diet helps support a healthy mood and body. For example, pineapple, bananas, kiwi fruit, plums, and tomatoes contain high amounts of the amino acid tryptophan. Your body can’t make tryptophan on its own, so you have to eat foods that contain this important amino acid!

May is Mental Health Month. If your mood has been off lately, see a professional to talk it out. Find resources here.

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