Fresh fruit is happily consumed from the lunch box consumed so long as it is hasn’t turned brown (ie, sliced apples), so I focus on fruits in their native skin like grapes and clementines. I save the sliced apples and mangos and such for in-home meals. For vegetables, I rely on 3 clever plastic reusable containers to encourage my 2 daughters to eat their vegetables at lunch. The first container, is a rectangle with an divider insert. I can put cut up cucumber slices on one side and pretzels on the other: my 11-year old likes to eat these 2 items together. I’ll send a lite creamy parmesian salad dressing in a small dipping container along with sliced red peppers and baby carrots. One final trick–I’ll cut up some romaine lettuce and add slices of grilled chicken to the salad blaster bowl that has a push top to disperse the Ceaser salad dressing; a big hit. For variety, left over salad (still crispy) and some protein (chicken, turkey, shrimp) get drizzled with the salad dressing of choice that day and rolled i nto a whole wheat tortilla. All healthy, vegetable-focused school lunches.

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