Cherish The Cherries! Cherry Season In Full Swing

Did you know cherries are all harvested by hand? It takes a lot of skill and time to harvest this popular fruit, so go ahead and buy your cherries before the season ends! The good news is, fresh cherries freeze well, so you can enjoy this delicacy no matter the season.

Have A Plant® Ambassador, Elisabeth Watkins, provides the scoop on the cherry harvest in San Joaquin County, CA, which produces 52% of the nation’s fresh cherry crop. Watch her video below to learn more!


Cherry Rose Lemonade

Celebrate cherry season by enjoying this jazzed up lemonade, starring lemons, rose petals, and of course…cherries! This beauty of a beverage will not only quench your thirst but may even benefit your heart, as cherries are rich in nutrients and compounds known to promote heart health, including potassium and polyphenol antioxidants.

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