California Dreamin’ – Treasure Every Juicy Bite

Rich California soil, sunshine, warm weather and the hard work of farmers make it possible for us to enjoy the sweet and juicy fruit we crave during the hot summer months. More importantly, California fruit farmers prioritize sustainability and food safety first and foremost, so health and happiness not only feels good, but tastes delicious too.

California Cantaloupe

California cantaloupe farmers don’t just care about growing great tasting melons, they strive to grow the safest melons in the world! California cantaloupe farmers participate in a mandatory food safety program that assures only the safest and highest-quality cantaloupes reach your table.

California cantaloupe farmers produce 75% of all the cantaloupes grown in the U.S.! The combination of rich California soil, sunshine, warm weather and the hard work of farmers make the perfect recipe for some of the best cantaloupes in the world.

California cantaloupe growers care about reducing food waste, that’s why they’ve worked with plant breeders to create new varieties using traditional breeding techniques (meaning they are not genetically modified or GMOs). These new varieties last longer and ship better, helping to reduce food waste.

Meet some of these amazing California Cantaloupe growers and farmers:

Steve and Garrett Patrico (father and son)

Garrett Patricio started his career as a certified public accountant and a lawyer in San Francisco before returning to Fresno California to help run his family’s farming business, Westside Produce.

George Pappas with daughters Serena, Arianna, Zoe

A third-generation California cantaloupe farmer, George owns and operates Pappas Family Farms in ‘The Cantaloupe Center of the World’ Mendota, California.


California Pears

#DYK? The average California pear orchard is between 30 and 100 years old, and many of the families who nurture them have been around just as long! These orchards are passed down through families and tended to with passion and a sustainable approach that will ensure their survival for future generations.

There are only about 60 pear farmers in the state of California. However, during the summer months of July and August, most fresh pears available in stores are produced by this small group of pear farmers!

California pear farmers are leaders in sustainability making them excellent neighbors in the small communities where their orchards exist. Before making pest-management decisions, California pear farmers scout their orchards and use pheromones as a form of pest control. Also, many of the trees in their orchards are over 100 years old and still producing. It doesn’t get much more sustainable than that!

Meet some of the incredible California Pears farmers and growers:

Greg Panella
Father, veteran, California pear farmer

Topher Chan
4th-generation Chinese American California pear farmer

Toni (mother) and Pat Scully (son)
Owners and operators of Scully Packing Co. which packs, sells and ships for approximately 30 other family farms

Pamela Ivicevich
Took over her father’s pear farming operation after he passed away

Chuck Baker
5th-generation California pear farmer

His great, great, great grandparents purchased a piece of Delta property in 1872 for $50. This is the same spot where Chuck, and his wife, Joy, still live and farm.

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