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Canned Pumpkin – A Versatile Superfood for All Seasons


Nutritious eating knows no season, and pumpkin can be a perfect solution towards building a better diet. Incorporating pumpkin into meals can help in fulfilling your daily vegetable requirement. It can also be used as a replacement to make some indulgent recipes more nutritious. The versatility of canned pumpkin makes it a delicious addition to both sweet and savory recipes while maximizing nutrition at mealtime – no matter the season.


Similar to other canned vegetables, canned pumpkin is a nutrient-packed, convenient option that can be found in the grocery store year round. Canned pumpkin…

  • Provides nutrients comparable to freshly picked or frozen varieties.
  • Contributes more than 100% of the daily value for vitamin A in just one serving (1/2 cup). Vitamin A may help support vision, heart and lung health.
  • Contains 10% of the daily value for fiber in just one serving.
  • Has no saturated fat or cholesterol.
  • Offers a unique flavor and texture that makes it easy to incorporate into everyday meals from chili to pasta to pancakes!


Experiment using pumpkin as the hero ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes. You’ll be well prepared for creating delicious pumpkin pies this fall and the holiday season, as well as other family favorites throughout the year. Here are some swaps and tips to add flavor with nutrient-rich pumpkin without sacrificing on taste …

5 Ways to Add Pumpkin to Your Life

  1. Celebrate Fall with Pumpkin
    November is a time for giving thanks – for pumpkins! Pumpkins are November’s favorite vegetable and they’re one you can enjoy. Pumpkin can serve as an ingredient in many favorite holiday recipes.

  2. Give Your Breakfast a Boost
    It can be difficult to prepare and include vegetables at breakfast, but convenient canned pumpkin can help jump-start your daily vegetable consumption.

    • Add two tablespoons of pumpkin to your oatmeal for a delicious addition to a hearty meal.
    • If you’re a smoothie fan, add ¼ cup of pumpkin per 8 oz serving to your favorite morning beverage for a boost of vitamin A.
    • You can even add pumpkin to your store-bought pancake or waffle mix for added flavor and moistness.
  3. Up the Flavor without Adding Salt or Fat
    • Stir one cup of pumpkin into three cups of your favorite convenience tomato sauce to reduce the sodium per serving.
    • Jazz up your homemade salad dressing by swapping in canned pumpkin for part of the oil.
    • Combine equal parts of pumpkin with creamy or crunchy peanut butter when making a PB&J sandwich to create a flavorful, nutritious sandwich.
  4. Create Better Baked Goods
    Pumpkin’s creamy texture and great taste makes it the perfect ingredient for substitution of oil, eggs or butter in your favorite recipes to cut fat and calories per serving!

    • Replace half the butter in your baking recipe with canned pumpkin or try substituting one whole egg with ¼ cup canned pumpkin.
    • You can also try using pumpkin instead of oil in your favorite brownie recipe.
  5. Inspire Creativity in Traditional Family Favorites
    Pumpkin can be your secret ingredient to adding an extra serving of vegetables to your classic family recipes.

    • Spice up your baked ziti recipe by adding pumpkin to the sauce, which is sure to delight your family’s taste buds!
    • Pumpkin transforms macaroni & cheese by pumping up nutrition and flavor.

Check out Libby’s Pumpkin website for more resources and recipes on how to explore the power of canned pumpkin!

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