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Have a Plant: Fruits & Veggies for Better Health

A year ago, we created the powerful Have A Plant® Movement to showcase how all forms of fruits and veggies can fuel happy, healthy and active lifestyles, and boost your mood. To honor our 1st anniversary, join the #BoredomBusters fun – activities to make eating plants deliciously easy, while brightening your mood and inspiring exciting experiences with the fruits and veggies we know and love!

Our first activity is Fruit & Veggie Bingo: Quarantine Kitchen Edition. See what you have in stock while brightening your mood and beating the boredom blues. Want to participate? Head to the kitchen, grab your fave plant-packed snack, and put an “X” over every #fruit or #veggie you currently have on hand. Share to your social media story and tag @fruitsandveggies + a friend. Happy bingo-ing!

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Avocado toast fanatic or fruity overnight oats aficionado? We’re giving you the chance to show off your plant preferences in our 2nd #BoredomBuster to help beat the boredom blues and lift your mood with a fun foodie game – This OR That. Circle your preferred snack/meals for a day in quarantine, share to your social media story and tag @fruitsandveggies + a friend! We want to hear from YOU.

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Spending extra time at home means more time in your kitchen! Here’s another fun game to celebrate #haveaplant and lift your spirits with fun fruit and veggie choices – Pick Your Kitchen: Quarantine Edition. It’s simple. Choose your fave kitchen and tag @fruitsandveggies + your teammates. Post to your social media story. Andddd…GO!

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