A Year-End Note to Moms and Dads: Keep Up the Good Work!

As a mom, I can say that being a parent is without a doubt the most difficult job I’ve ever had.  It’s one that requires you to be on the clock 24/7 and there are a lot of times you question whether or not you’re doing it well.  I often feel like a broken record–reminding John and Alex to eat healthy, wear their coats when it’s cold and raining, prepare for their tests, etc.  However, there are times when I’m reminded that even when I don’t think my kids are listening, they really do hear what I’m telling them.

Last week, the kids were in an accident on their way to school.  They’ve had their licenses for about a year and started driving to and from school this year.   Thankfully, the accident was a minor one and there were no injuries.  It took place about a mile from our home and Alex called us right away.  Though it only took us a few minutes to get there, the EMT vehicle was already there.  John had immediately called 911 as soon as it happened.  The EMTs told my husband and me that John should be given a “gold star” by how he handled himself in the situation.  They said that he not only handled the car very well (he was able to avoid running into a pole after being hit, which would have caused much more extensive damage and potential injury to himself and Alex), but also in how quickly he called 911 and provided all the necessary information to them.  They said that he behaved more maturely than many people much older than himself do in an emergency situation.

Alex & John on Christmas Eve
Alex & John on Christmas Eve

As the kids were learning to drive, my husband and I repeatedly drilled into the kids’ heads what to do in emergency situations.  While you hope they will never have to use that information, you hope they will do the right thing if they ever need to.  I’m thankful that our kids were listening the numerous times we went over the steps they needed to take if something like this should happen.

So, the next time you’re tired and feeling like it doesn’t matter if you tell your son or daughter for the millionth time how important it is to eat his or her vegetables or do his or her homework or not to give personal information to someone he or she doesn’t know–it really DOES matter.  Even if they roll their eyes, grumble or act like they don’t hear you, they do.  This recent event is just the latest time that I’ve been shown that my kids do listen to what we say even when I don’t think they do.  Keep on them and keep doing what you know is right and they really will get it.  And, if it helps at all, know that there is at least one more mom out there doing the same thing day after day–me!  Keep up the good work–your kids will be better off for it and who knows, they might even thank you for it someday.  Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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