Ghost Bananas


Prep Time: 15 minsServings: 6
Try this recipe and delicious bananas and coconut will be the hit of Halloween!


  1. Place yogurt in shallow plate and place coconut on a piece of wax paper.
  2. Cut bananas in half, crosswise. Insert lollipop stick into the cut end of each banana.
  3. Roll bananas in yogurt until coated. Roll in coconut, picking up edges of wax paper to help coat each banana with coconut. Press chocolate chips at pointed end of bananas to make the face. Press sticks into Styrofoam to display.

Making Mummies: Unwrap fruit leather and cut crosswise in half. Wrap one piece of fruit leather around one banana leaving the top open for the eyes. Press chocolate chips for eyes. Press mummies into Styrofoam to display.


Recipe courtesy of Dole Food Company

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