Blueberry Steel Cut Oats

Blueberries in 100% juice are a delicious, shelf-stable and easy way to eat more fruit! Try them in this recipe, perfect for a warm, fill-me-up breakfast.


  1. Mix together Steel cut oats with water, blueberry juice, and salt in an Instant Pot until salt dissolves. Stir in the cinnamon, cardamom, and clove.
  2. Secure the lid to the Instant Pot and set to pressure cook for 6 minutes on high. Let the instant pot naturally depressurize (approx. 20 min)
  3. Once the pot has safely depressurized, stir in Vanilla extract and Maple syrup.
  4. Serve warm and top with slivered almonds and blueberries, or whatever you prefer!

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